Author Topic: Mencegah Kebakaran di kawasan Taman & Rumah  (Read 1225 times)

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Mencegah Kebakaran di kawasan Taman & Rumah
« on: 22 Aug, 05:22:12 PM »
Assalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera,

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mendapatkan,

1) "Home Protector Kit (Smoke Detector,1KG Fire Extinguisher and blanket)
RM 165.00. 

2) 9kg (20lbs ABc dry powder) Fire Extinguisher c/w Bomba License RM165.

Contact person in charge: Ms. Angel (Tel. No. : 03-5631111/0192066266) &
E-mail / Website:


Don't risk stream scalds by reaching over the kettle for mugs
•   Never leave hot liquids in easy reach of children    •   Keep toaster away from curtains and clean out regularly

MICROWAVES   CHIP PANS•   Don't dry clothes in the microwave
•   Never place metal, reflective or foil containers in a microwave only use appropriate food containers and follow the manufacturers
•   Always follow cooking instructions on food packaging    •   Only fill chip pans 1/3 full with oil
•   Always dry chips before placing
POWER POINTS   GENERAL SAFETY•   Make sure electrical sockets are not loose and check that plugs are fused and wired correctly
•   Don't overload power sockets    •   Never put a lighted cigarette down except in an ashtray, empty into a suitable container outside the building
•   Keep knives and sharp objects out of the childrens' reach
•   Don't place oven gloves near to direct heat
•   Don't place a plant pot or anything wet or damp on top of an electrical appliance
•   Don't allow electrical appliances or cables near water
•   Ensure candles are on a secure non-flammable base. Never place lit candles near flammable material
•   Ensure all cupboards and drawers are closed and keep pills and medicines out of childrens' reach
•   Always push back the towel rail
•   Don't over fill your waste bin
•   Don't trail extension cables across the floor and check that the cable is in good order
•   Don't hang tea towels over a heat source
•   Keep detergents and chemicals in safe place  correctly labelled and out of childrens' reach. Consider child proof locks to prevent access by young children
•   Keep the floor clean and dry
•   Ensure all floor coverings are non slip

•   Keep matches and lighters out of childrens' reach and keep away from heat sources   

COOKERS   •   Don't trail electrical leads across the cooker
•   Ensure the correct heat source is switched on
•   Never leave hot pans unattended, especial chip pans
•   Keep the cooker clean
•   Don't leave pan handles sticking out from the cooker
•   Keep kitchen roll away from the cooker
•   Don't locate cooker on/off switch on wall directly behind the hob
•   Ensure all controls are switched off after cooking
•   Ensure burner is lit if using a gas cooker
•   Keep oven door shut   

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