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47 Kg Emas untuk anda ...
« on: January 10, 2012, 11:55:40 AM »
Hello Friend.
How are you today? i hope this message meet you in good health together with your family members and friends. My name is Maxwell Klyzue, from Ivory Coast, the only son of late Mr. Klyzue Le Bohang, co-owner of Doe, Gold & Diamond mines, the serving director of Cocoa & Coffee exporting Board (CICC) before He was assassinated alongside with my Mum, by the rebels following the political crises in the country couple of months ago.

In the year 2010 my father show me where he saved all the important family documents. We also travelled together to Magnum Force Security Home in Accra, Ghana. where he deposited 47 kilos of alluvial gold and huge amount of funds, for introduction with the security company's director. After the death and burial of my parents, my uncles started fighting over the wealth of father, requested and threatened me to hand over all the documents to them as I'm still very young to handle it. But my only happiness is that none of them knows about the gold and funds only me and my little sister.

I'm contacting you to assist me move the gold and funds out from here and get a buyer for the gold, also help me invest the funds into lucrative business in your country. Kindly get back to me with your names and contact phone number, for more details and proceedings.

Maxwell Klyzue. (